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The power of the questions. Isabel masters it. Questions that make you speak your own truth; so you can hear it yourself. Questions that challenges your thoughts processes, your self worth, your confidence until you're going to stop that nonsense wobbling in your life. Giving birth to a "not healthy" son came with a lot of worries, with huge unknown and the lost of my business.


All the toxic thoughts pattern that followed did nothing but weigh me down little by little every day, until I found myself mentally and spiritually in a grey corner where I completely lost sight of all the qualities that made me. I took Isabel in my corner. I needed someone to listen about my situation, to understand why I felt stuck, to comfort me, to tell me there is  a way out (even if I was not seeing it at that moment), to lift me up and gloriously kick me out of there. Isabel did all this. I wanted back that smart, sharp woman who's making things happen.  


As the result of the sessions with Isabel I was able to see things from a different angle (yes, different angles exists), re-join the world in a better way, have a clear focus on what I want and go back out there enabled to be the person you know you are. Forever grateful for each and every single session.

Cristina Stokker


My mindset was not in a great place and Isabel was able to offer a natural approach that did not feel interrogative or judgemental. Isabel was able to generate a real sense of empathy and understanding but with a distinctive coaching element.


The coaching sessions with Isabel have given me motivation to organise my days better, in terms of time management, empowering me to identify productive times to study.

I enjoyed interacting with Isabel as she has great energy and enthusiasm and I was able to feed off of her vigour. Before coaching I was stuck in a rut, struggling to find time to study creating a mass of anxiety for myself. 


Coaching with Isabel has exceeded my expectations. It has given  me clarity on my own area of need, breaking down what comes first and what I need to prioritise. Thank you Isabel!

Deonne English


Coaching sessions with Isabel helped me get into action. For the past 6 years I was struggling to find motivation to get some projects out of the paper and to do exercises. I started exercising a few days after the session we had about it. I am glad I am still doing it, despite lockdown and all.   Isabel has the ability to ask questions that provoke your thinking.


Isabel's questions brought self-awareness and I had many 'light bulb' magical 'sparkles!' to my brain, which did bring a great feeling! I have learned that breaking down goals in small actions helped me to progress on my projects.  I have also learned to prioritise what is really important instead of spending time with unimportant to-do lists.  I'm very grateful that I had the opportunity to be coached by Isabel. 


Graziela Baia

When I started the coaching sessions with Isabel I was going through a phase of insecurity and instability in my life. I was moving home to live with different relatives and the pandemic was taking longer than I have expected. One of the first objectives of the sessions was to establish a routine where I could make better use of my time during the quarantine.


As a result, from the first session, I’ve started a new routine that made my days much more productive.  I felt I was in a safe space where I could share and discuss anything I wanted. Some of the areas I wanted to have more clarity was regarding my relationships and final assignment for my undergraduate degree.


The sessions helped me to see things from a different perspective which I haven’t thought about before. This realisation made me more focused to finish my final assessment and confident to take actions.  The coaching sessions have been a great support at this present moment of my life. 

Mayara Viana


During my session with Isabel we’ve worked on goals related to work, career and family life. Initially she helped me to identify the most important things I would like to achieve in those areas. I found Isabel very helpful when she was guiding me through ideas. She is very calm and kind and I always felt encouraged to explore thoughts openly.


She made me feel relaxed enough to trust her and talk about more personal things that help to understand the whole picture. I find her non-judging approach very refreshing, especially after having done so much psychological therapy through the years, where you mostly feel like a ‘patient’. Here is different, as she puts you in control. I find this approach empowering.

She gives good examples that help me understand situations. Overall I feel I have organised my ideas and goals much better and started working more efficiently towards them. There were small ones I could complete in one week, like spending more quality time with my daughter, and others I’m still working towards -such as keeping a regular routine for practising violin. Since we started our sessions I’ve had two more recording opportunities (this was one of my first goals) and my teaching has become more confident and successful. I’m very pleased with Isabel's help. 



I really enjoyed being coached by Isabel, throughout the entire process she remained non-judgmental and really challenged my limiting beliefs and to have the ability to see things from a different perspective.


I am extremely grateful for that, as a result of working with Isabel I was able to be more accountable and committed to my goals to the point where I managed to lose 3.5KG and still going strong and I finally started to pay for my visa to move to Canada. I admire her professionalism and how she remains focused and totally gave me her full attention. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time, effort, support and your professionalism.

   Fila Lutu


I decided to try coaching with Isabel because I felt overwhelmed by the pace of my life and could not focus on priorities or strategies for dealing with this. I had 6 coaching sessions with her and the positive outcome we achieved together were more than I thought might be possible.

 Through Isabel's patient and encouraging approach, I was helped to identify the goals that I wished to set and realistic ways to go about achieving them.

 It was hard and challenging work but the result is that I have succeeded in attaining a good proportion of my targets and, whilst time pressures can still knock me off course, I have increased my resilience and can return to unfinished business at another time.

 I would highly recommend Isabel to anyone considering Life Coaching



The coaching sessions with Isabel were fantastic. They were motivating and engaging and allowed me to develop and focus on key goals. Before the coaching sessions, I did not really put aside the time to think about my specific goals, but each coaching session gave me the opportunity to spend time and explore my goals deeper – which gave me more clarity.


The questions that Isabel asked allowed me to look at some of my goals from a different perspective and made me think about them with a different light.  The coaching sessions have motivated me to restart my daily morning routine – which is quite important for me as it allows me to be more focused during the day. I will continue to work on this so that I can increase the time that I spend each morning. The best bits of the coaching was that by the end of each session I felt motivated and determined to take action.



“Every time I leave a session with Isabel, I feel uplifted and motivated. I came to Isabel overwhelmed and unhappy with the life I was leading and she has helped me to consider my goals and break them down into more manageable and achievable actions so that I can move forward in creating a better and happier life for myself.

Coaching has given me a space where I can be completely honest; not only when answering Isabel’s questions but honest with myself about why I think and feel a certain way. Isabel has helped me to challenge my limiting beliefs, which has definitely created some ‘light bulb’ moments of realisation during my sessions.

Without Isabel’s coaching, I would be stuck living life for others, without looking after myself; now I can lead a life I want to live for me, which is definitely a happier one.”


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