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My mission is simple...   

I want to help women to grow in confidence and reconnect with their values, so they can design and live a life that is fulfilling and enjoyable.


Thank you for stopping by.

My passion for women empowerment and self-development led me to life coaching. I became a life coach with a mission to help women to regain their confidence, reclaim their identity and have a life they truly deserve. 

This was exactly the way I felt after I have received some coaching sessions myself. Some of the changes I have noticed straight away and some came later.

In my late 40's I was unclear where to go next. The woman who had many dreams and ambitions had lost herself on the way. The confident woman I used to be was feeling stuck and doubting herself. My self-esteem was at its lowest. 


I could not recognise the person I was anymore. Fortunately, coaching changed all that. ​

Coaching challenged me; gave me clarity; took me out of my comfort zone; created self-awareness; increased my self-belief;  boosted my confidence; empowered me.

My aim is that my coaching sessions will do the same for you.​​

Now, my questions for you are: ​

If you feel at least 50% more confident than you are now, what impact that would have on your life? 


What about if it's 100%? What dreams would you pursue? 

What decisions would you make? 

What new projects would you take on?

Regaining my confidence gave me the boost I needed to stop procrastinating and take action. As a result, I have found a new career that I am in love with, set up a new business, got into an exercise routine, lost weight, motivated other women to follow their dreams and the list goes on. 

If you have a desire to see some changes in your life too and want to find out how coaching can help you to re-gain your confidence and get you moving; just click the button below to book a free discovery call. 

This is a non-obligation call where we will have the opportunity to talk about your goals and any challenges you are facing. 


Also, you can decide for yourself if coaching is something you want to pursue right now and if we are a good match. 

Will you try something new today?

Time does not stop! This is the right time for you to invest in yourself. 

Client's Love



The sessions helped me to see things from a different perspective which I haven’t thought about before. This realisation made me more focused to finish my final assessment and confident to take actions.  The coaching sessions have been a great support at this present moment of my life. 

Mayara Viana

"There will never be 'the right time' in your life to do a great thing. You must create that time and greatness will follow."

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