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How do I know coaching is right for me? 

Coaching is suitable for everybody looking to take more control over their life choices. You deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life. If you find yourself questioning your happiness, feeling stuck, or just unsure about a life decision, coaching can help. Whether it's linked to family life, work or wellness, coaching can untangle your jumbled thoughts and help you move forward with clarity. I work mainly with women over 40, but if you don’t fit into that criteria and think I can help, I’d love to hear from you. 


How much does coaching with you cost?


You are unique. My coaching is personalised to you and your wants and desires. There’s no one size fits all with regard to structure or cost. I offer different packages and during our discovery session we can discuss which one suits you best. 

How will I know if coaching is a good investment? 

As a society, we often spend our money chasing happiness - new clothes, holidays, and other materialistic items. They bring us short term happiness, but it doesn't tackle the underlying reasons for why we feel discontent. Coaching helps you get to grips with what will make you genuinely happy and help you develop a plan of action to get there. The difference between this cost and the cost of a holiday? The sense of worth won't wear off as soon as you finish coaching. It'll stay with you a lifetime. I'd say that's money well spent, wouldn't you?

Will coaching continue to help me after the sessions have finished?

Yes. You'll change your way of thinking and discover techniques that will help you approach life differently in the future. Coaching can help you in all walks of life.


What kind of people do you work with?

I work with women generally over the age of 40 who want to create positive change in their lives. Perhaps you've gone through a divorce or your children have left home. Or you've lost your direction at work. It's my mission to help you feel empowered, confident and happy within yourself. It's never too late for growth. I'm a prime example of that. Check out my story on the Meet Me page for more details.


What does being hypnotised feel like?

Hypnosis helps you enter into a state of deep relaxation where the subconscious mind is more able to accept suggestions and ideas. It feels like you are meditating with someone alongside you giving you positive suggestions. You'll still be aware of everything happening and what's being said to you. You can still respond to instructions, and you have control over your actions. Hypnosis is known to help people quit smoking, lose weight, have more focus during exams and interviews and let go of negative beliefs about themselves.

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